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AMBA Gives Back

Teachers are our heroes! Since 1981, AMBA has been providing resources and benefits for active and retired educators. So we understand the great struggle teachers face when it comes to getting the classroom supplies they need. AMBA has partnered with to encourage our benefit advisors to actively support local classrooms and students.

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Outdoor Fun!
Teacher: Mr. Humphries
Grades 3-5
Austin, TX

AMBA fully funded this project in our most recent staff meeting! This project will purchase balls and eqipment for the students to use during their WOW time.

According to Mr. Humphries: "With the equipment that is given to our school, the students can use the balls for different games such as team sports in basketball, soccer, and football. The drumkit will help the students with overall health and wellness by increasing students aerobic and cardiovascular health."


Technology Enhanced Learning
Teacher: Ms. Bleiler
Grades 3-5
Harrisburg, PA

This project will give 4 iPads to Ms. Bleiler's class. This technology will allow students to complete tasks individually and track their own pace.

Ms. Bleiler says: "My students will be able to gain knowledge and comprehension of the English language through interactive programs. They will be able to create projects and publish their work. Seeing these children beam with pride after they have learned and accomplished new tasks is the greatest gift."


Fluent with music!
Teacher: Ms. Makris
Grades 3-5
Chicago, IL

Ms. Makris' class will now be able to purchase Lyrics 2 Learn, an online learning software that uses music and repetition to boost students' reading level.

Her students come from a variety of backgrounds, but most come from homes that struggle economically. 

Ms. Makris says: "My students believe in their own magic for learning new things. It's the little things that make all the difference in a classroom."


Innovation with maker space!
Teacher: Mrs. Mendoza
Grades PreK-2
Perry, GA

Mrs. Mendoza class is full of eager learners! She will use her fully funded project to purchase Legos, K'nex, and other hands-on building materials. 

The building blocks will be used to explore STEM concepts while studing math, science, and social studies.

According to Mrs. Mendoza, her students are "inquisitive, enthusiastic and creative learners!"


A spark of Shakespeare
Teacher: Ms. Davis
Grades 6-8
Spring Hill, TN

More than a third of Ms. Davis' kids come from low-income households and are all highly motivated to make an impact on their school and community.

More importantly, they are voracious readers!

This fully funded project will give her class a set of No Fear Shakespeare: Midsummer Night's Dream.

Now they'll be better prepared for English I in high school next year!


Seated at the throne: flexible seating for future royalty
Teacher: Ms. Davis
Grades 6-8
Spring Hill, TN

Many of Md. Davis' kids struggle to pay attention in class due to OCD, ADD, and anxiety.

With flexible seating options in the classroom, students will be better able to focus on their reading and comprehension growth in class.

This fully funded project means Ms. Davis' class will
receive stand-up desks, a podium, and finger fidgets to help students concentrate!

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