Here are some testimonials from association members who used their AMBA endorsed benefits: 

"I felt compelled to share some information with you. It shows how important my VSP Vision Plan is to me and my family. I have just returned home from the Optical Dispenser here in Wichita. I could not believe the price I paid for my eyeglasses.

I was due for a complete new pair of eyeglasses. So I looked a few minutes, selected a frame which is a Titanium (very light weight) frame. Sat down with the technician to get all the measurements, etc. I told her I wanted the best lens available, which are the new Progressive "Digital" lenses. 

When all the numbers were tallied up, the bill came to $619.00. My co-payment price: $79.00!

I am attaching my receipt to show you all the numbers. You may share this with any prospective new Association members.

"My name is Rosie and I am a teaching assistant in Victoria, Texas. I have been a widow for almost a year and a half due to losing my husband to cancer in October of 2006. I have been enrolled in the cancer plan for several years with a value of $10,000. However, after so many of my friends and loved ones started being diagnosed with cancer, I decided to increase my plan another $10,000. Back in March of 2007, I received some disturbing news, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I missed about three months of work due to several surgeries and undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I only received $300 a month until I was able to return back to work in August of 2007. The $20,000 plan I had taken out earlier was certainly going to prove to be a blessing for me at this time in my life.

I received two checks from the insurance company while I was out on leave in the amount of $10,000 each. This money really helped me pay a lot of bills that had added up during the time I was ill.

I would encourage anyone to enroll in one of the plans while it is still affordable. You never know when our health may take a turn for the worse making it harder to find an affordable cancer plan."

"Let me commend the Medical Air Services Association for being everything a company should be - honest, dependable, supremely cost effective and thoroughly pleasant on the phone.

My 94 year old mother recently required an ambulance. The bill totaled $1,422.68 and it was covered. No questions, no hassle, no additional documentation. 

I'm 66 years old. Last week, I signed myself up for the five year plan. Two ambulance calls in that period will more than fund the policy.

For the elderly (or anyone) prone to ambulance rides, MASA pays better than the S&P."

"In August 2014, while vacationing in Hawaii, my husband became ill. Up until this time, he was in excellent health. This morning, we had been swimming laps and returned to the room to change clothing. Bill began complaining of weakness, and medical personnel suggested that he be transported to the hospital for observation. While at Straub Hospital, he suffered a major stroke.  

Two weeks passed before we were able to consider moving him back to our hometown of the Villages, Florida. The transport/claims manager was extremely helpful in coordinating the efforts with the doctors and social workers at the Villages Medical Center and Straub Hospital to make this happen.

Bill and I rarely disagreed about financial matters. However, some time before this trip, Bill wanted to buy MASA insurance. I objected as I felt it was too expensive, and we both were in excellent health. Finally, I deferred to him and it was an extremely wise decision. The cost for the air ambulance was $58,500. MASA paid the entire amount."

"We received a claim paid notice from you. We appreciate you so much.

I am so thankful that someone called me and told me about your services. We signed up in December. I had heard from my secretary that her mother needed to be transported between one nursing home facility to another nursing home facility and Medicare would not pay for it. So she transported her in her car but had a very difficult time accomplishing that. She had to have people pick up her mother and put her in the car. Her mother was not able to walk. Then when she got to the new place, she had the same difficulty getting her mother out of the car. It would have been so much better if she could have transported her by ambulance.

Then my wife passed out at work on December 31st. They tried to take care of her since she works at a clinic as an X-Ray Technologist. Then they determined she needed an ambulance to take her to the hospital. So one was called. When I was called, I went to the hospital. I felt a relief knowing that MASA would help us get this paid for. So I didn’t worry about that. I was able to concentrate on my wife's treatment at the hospital. Once my wife was discharged and I drove her home I knew that MASA would come through for us. When the bill came, and her insurance paid what it was going to pay on the ambulance visit. Then I called and faxed the bill into MASA and it was paid in full. We appreciate that. You are a lifesaver. We appreciate you."

"To whom it may concern:

In 2004, I purchased a lump sum cancer benefit policy. I purchased it, filed the policy away, and forgot about it. In December 2005, I had a routine blood test and the analysis came back with an unusual result. The unusual result prompted my doctor to run further tests. They did a 12 part biopsy on me and two of the tests came back positive. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The doctor told me that my chances of survival were very good because it had been such an early diagnosis. I already had open heart surgery for a defective valve and survived that so I trusted my doctor’s opinion. The treatment lasted for 45 days and I had to travel 100 miles each day to receive my radiation treatments. I was physically and financially strained.

In the following five months I was tested, tested, and tested again. One year later, I went back and was given the news that I was in remission. At this point in my life, I was extremely happy to know that I would be able to continue to work, play golf and be with my lovely wife Rosalinda.

An AMBA representative called to see my daughter about getting a cancer/heart policy. My wife, upon seeing the name of AMBA, mentioned that we had a policy. She said you have hit the lottery. I asked her what she meant. She then said a representative is coming here to help you file a claim.

Three weeks later I opened the mail box and in the mail was a check for $20,000 made out to me. In most cases in life, the insurance company is there when they want you to sign up for their policy. However, you may have trouble finding them when you need them. This was not the case.

I am pleased to say that AMBA came through for me in my time of need. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"